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1. How do I store the cookie dough?

We go to great lengths to keep your dough frozen to your door. Please store your dough in the freezer as soon as you get it...  unless, of course, you plan on eating all of it in one go (no judgment here). For best results, bake within 6 months.

2. What if I don’t use all the dough at once? 

Your willpower is impressive! Save some for another day. Please put the unused dough in a freezer safe bag, remove as much as air as possible, and store in the freezer. 

3. Is the raw cookie dough safe to eat?

Nope. This is raw dough, made with raw eggs and raw flour. Note the repeated use of RAW. Please don't eat any dough without baking it first.  We know it's tempting, but there is a risk for serious illness when you eat raw dough.

4. Do I really need to preheat the oven?

Yes, you really do! If you put your dough in an oven that is below baking temperature you will end up with a flatter cookie that may not be fully cooked.  Please make sure to fully preheat your oven to the appropriate temperature and follow the baking instructions so you can help your cookie be its best self.

5. Can I bake a dozen cookies on one tray?

No, please socially distance your cookies. We suggest baking no more than 9 cookies on most trays. Crowding the tray prevents cookies from spreading and crisping the way they’re intended.  

6. Where can I find the baking instructions?

Baking instructions are on the back of the box. Each dough is unique and we go through lots of testing to find the suggested baking temperatures and times for cookie perfection. Please check baking instructions and follow them. If you don't have the box, you can also find them here:

Baking Instructions

8. Are your cookies nut free?

Our cookies and our kitchen are nut free. However, we do use coconut in some of our cookies. While coconut is not a nut (it's a drupe), and it's very uncommon to have a coconut allergy, the FDA put it into the tree nut category several years ago.  

9. Are your cookies gluten free?

Most of our cookies are not gluten free, but we do offer several gluten free options.  Please note, our kitchen is not gluten free.  

10. What do I do if the cookies are finished baking and look flat or underdone?

Home oven temperatures vary.  For best results, bake one cookie as a test to ensure everything is right before baking the rest of the batch. The two most common reasons for flat or underdone cookies are the oven not being preheated and not accurately holding temperature. Make sure you preheat your oven and check your oven to ensure its temperature is accurate. It’s not uncommon for ovens to run cooler than the temperature they’re set.

Pro tip: Invest in an oven thermometer. They’re inexpensive and will help with all of your baking and cooking.

11. Can I open my oven and take a peek during baking?

Don't do it!  The rush of cool air lowers the oven temperature and can affect your results. Turn on the oven light and admire them through the glass instead.

12. When will I get my order?

If you're eligible for local delivery, you'll be able to choose a date and 2 hour time slot within 2 weeks of your order.  If you you're eligible for shipping, we ship orders out on Tuesdays and Wednesdays of each week.  Once shipped, they should be received the following day.  All shipping orders must be received by the Friday before to be shipped out the following Tuesday/Wednesday.  

13. Why aren't you shipping to my area yet?

Shipping frozen food is quite the logistical undertaking!  Shipping has to be quick (ideally overnight), and our boxes are heavy (ice packs, insulation).  At this time, the only feasible option is 1 day ground shipping.  Once we can get better rates, we're hoping to get our cookies to ovens across the country!  If we don't currently ship to you, feel free to reach out and we can let you know the shipping cost if you're interested.

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